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About Us 

Northwest Creations provides custom etching on rock and glass. We create custom designs, scenes, and wording for your special occasion. Our professionals work with you to design stencils based on your needs for awards, gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, house-warming and any other special occasion. 

We also specialize in coat-of-arms in partnership with our coat-of-arms expert Eddie Geoghegan in Athlone, Ireland, (, who does research as required and designs the coat of arms in a format that can be etched. It will be accurate, not necessarily like off-the-wall coat-of-arms you find at street fairs, malls, etc. This accuracy is in stark contrast to the products offered by most heraldic websites or mail order companies, whose reference material comes from a CD supplied by one of several commercial heraldic organizations.  If there is a coat-of-arms for your name, Eddie will find it.

Northwest Creations can also offer you a large range of other etched creations on almost any glass or stone medium. We offer lower prices than our competitors because there is no middleman. Call or email today for more information about our services and products!

To accommodate your custom design we need to hear from you.  Call us or email the details of your needs.  Be sure to include your name, telephone and email address (company name if appropriate).

Pricing, Shipping & Payment Information


We have no set-up fee and no hourly charge.  Prices on stones vary depending on size, number of words and complexity of design.  Price for non coat-of-arms etching will be less as there is no middle man.  Call or email Doug to arrange your custom orders.


Normal shipping method used is Fedex ground. For orders that require a quick turn around, shipping will be U.S.P.S. priority.  After your order is shipped a second credit card processing will be done, which will cover the exact shipping cost and a $5.00 package cost.

Payment methods: 

  • We accept VISA, Mastercard and Novus/Discover.  Credit cards will be charged twice, once for the etching and once for shipping as described above.

  • Payment via check will be delayed long enough to allow the check to clear processing.  Checks should be made out to Doug Cowan.  Shipping charges will have to be estimated, not the exact amount as with a credit card payment.

Contact Information

Doug Cowan
Northwest Creations
13106 SE 234th Street
Kent, WA  98031
253 631-5594
Cell: 253-709-4504

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13106 SE 234th Street, Kent, WA 98031

Phone: 253 631-5594  Cell: 253-709-4504